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Communal properties are buildings containing separate residential units, which provide communal facilities for the benefit of all occupants, whether this may be residential care homes, student accommodation or military barracks. Accurit Maintenance Services Ltd. will put into consideration lots of things, including air changes which will depend upon which areas of the building occupants are located at a particular time. For communally shared facilities within the residential care homes and student accommodation, Accirit makes it necessary to make different arrangements for areas of high occupancy, for example, television rooms, or areas of excessive moisture or odour generation i.e., laundry rooms and cafeteria areas which require ventilation to the outside. This is also what makes Accurit unique. Accurit Maintenance Services Ltd. will also carefully consider these areas:

  • Building Construction system: The building comprises a combined reinforced concrete column-wall system. The building foundation is a combination of slabs and piles.
  • External cladding: Reinforced concrete monolithic bearing walls with protruding facade design lining and highly effective thermal insulation. Loggia walls are thermally insulated using a contact system with plaster.
  • Partition walls between apartments: Monolithic reinforced concrete walls from 2nd to 23rd floor. Bricked partition walls combined with front wall plasterboard structure from 24th to 26th floor. Unequipped areas from 27th to 29th floor. Partition walls meet requirements for noise insulation of partition structures.
  • Partition walls inside apartments: Interior partition walls are bricked. Closure of utility cores and installation front walls are plasterboard structure.
  • Staircase: Prefabricated stair flights on reinforced concrete stair landings.
  • Communal areas: Entrances: aluminium entrance door with glass panels, area for mail boxes, and 24-hour reception in lobby of each tower. Access system, entrances to towers, and entrance to underground car park are CCTV-monitored.
  • Lifts: Four passenger lifts in each tower. Capacity of one lift is 13 persons, one lift serves as fire evacuation. Lifts operate from 2nd underground storey to highest apartment floor.
  • Garages: Parking spaces on two underground levels. Entry through access system barrier with system to identify car license plate numbers. Lighting activated by movement sensor."

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