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Property Refurbishment

Accurit Property refurbishment gives you the chance to change and improve the property that you already own or that you are thinking of purchasing, and extending it to a larger footprint, changing the purpose of the building, or refreshing an outdated look. Refurbishment is a necessary part of property development, especially for buy-to-let portfolios and developers who own many buildings and properties, throughout the UK, and is its environ. When you choose Accurit Maintenance Services Ltd. to refurbish your property, be it Auction properties, Commercial property, Unmortgageable properties (non-standard construction) or Residential property, etc, we will help you manage costs and direct your expenditure towards improving the income and capital value of the property, because creating a stringent budget and understanding how much money you will require from the beginning is crucial. We will also help you factor in various different costs, including the following:

  • Professional fees- (such as those relating to architects, engineers and solicitors)
  • Construction costs- (including materials and labour)
  • Renovation costs (this includes the removal of the old – including appliances – and the substitution of the new – for example, the kitchen and bathrooms)

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